Decadent home-made hamburgers


Everyone likes to indulge in junk food from time to time. The trick is to do it less often than not, and of course, to stay away from all those deep fried goodies. I thus trick myself into believing that I can make a healthy-ish hamburger (cutting out all those numbered preservatives is a goods start!), and by knowing what it is that goes into that burger patty.  I also rather use whole-wheat bread rolls rather than white rolls and include lots of salad and fresh tomato. If I do serve it with a side of chips, I rather bake potato wedges with the skin on, tossed in olive oil and covered with a sprinkle of crushed black pepper and salt. This recipe tells you how to make the burger patty. The garnish, cheese, pickles and onions are up to you and what you have available in your cupboard or fridge. Awesome combinations include caramelized onion and Brie as topping or butter fried brown mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.  The hamburger shown here included mayonnaise, mustard, pickled cucumber (which I think is the same as a pickled gherkin), fresh, chopped salad, sliced tomato, and topped with a slice of white Gouda, fried onion and fresh rocket.

For the hamburger patties (makes 3 medium sized patties, double the recipe if needed)

200 g lean beef mince

1 table spoon ground cumin

1 tablespoon ground coriander

1/2 cup fresh,chopped parsley

2 tablespoons Worcester sauce

1-2 tablespoons chutney (Mrs. Ball’s of course if you are in South Africa!)

salt and black pepper to taste

1 egg

1/2 cup to 3/4 cup bread crumbs

Place you mince in a mixing bowl together with your herbs and spices, Worcester sauce, chutney and egg. Mix everything together very well either using a spoon, food processor or your hands.  The mixture will be runny.  Now slowly add your bread crumbs and mix well after each addition.  The breadcrumbs will bind everything together but do not add to much bread crumbs, because it can result in very dry patties. Once your meat mixture has come together and you can form patties without it falling apart, they are ready to be fried.  Heat a little oil in a pan over moderate heat, and place your patties in the pan.  I try to turn my patties only once during the cooking process and place a lid on the pan to make sure they cook through.  Give each side 5-8 minutes but be sure not to burn them!  Cook until done.  If you want to add cheese, do so in the last three minutes and watch the cheese melt. Once your patties are done, remove them from the heat and place them on your prepared bread buns.  I do not eat margarine, but do indulge in a little mayonnaise on my bread bun. I then add my salad and tomato (and pickles in this case!), followed by the patty and fried onions. Top with what you have available and serve your healthy-ish burger!